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Propspeed Applications

Certified Propspeed Applicators. We are the leading choice in Yacht services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For the highest quality work at affordable prices, we’re happy to help.


When it comes to yearly maintenance on your vessel, Make sure one of those tasks are Propspeed Application. Do your props, shafts and underwater metal surfaces have lots of marine growth?
Well don’t be alarmed, this is natural and can easily be treated every year.

The Difference Between A Perfectly Applied PropSpeed Vs Substandard Workmanship

Don’t let substandard companies mis-prep your props and shafts. If the product is applied improperly the product will fail, therefore resulting in re-application needed as the marine growth will begin to appear at a high rate once the product has failed. We have applied this product to hundreds of vessels over the 30 years we have been in business. When you want to get it done right the first time, no mistake. Call BBM Marine Services today for scheduling your haul-out and prop speed application.

Propspeed is the original propeller and running gear foul-release coating system, specially formulated to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline.

  • How does Propspeed work

    Propspeed is a foul release coating, not an anti-foul, so it doesn’t harm marine life. The top coat on the Propspeed system is an ultra-slick surface that marine growth can’t grip. Propspeed’s effectiveness does depend on movement of your boat – the more you use it, the better Propspeed performs. Propspeed sets itself apart from the competition with the exceptionally strong chemical and physical bond between the metal substrate, the primer and the top coat – this ensures that the Propspeed coating actually stays on your running gear.

  • How long does Propspeed last

    Propspeed will last at least a year, but many customers report another one or even two years service life. This depends on what sort of marine environment your boat is moored in, the water temperature, and how often you use it.

  • Is Propspeed environmentally friendly

    Yes. Propspeed contains no copper, tin or any other toxic substances harmful to marine life.

Did you know?

If your boat has never been bottom painted and you’re considering antifouling application, make sure you understand that:



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