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Bow & Stern Thruster Repair

 Offering mobile installations of bow and stern thrusters, hydraulic swim platforms and underwater lights.

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Bow And Stern Thruster Service, Repair, And Installation

Premier bow and stern thruster services and yacht thruster repairs at our South Florida marina and full-service boatyardHaul-outs and undercover storage are available for vessels up to 100 feet.

Once your boat is securely out of the water, our team of experienced South Florida yacht maintenance technicians can begin work on any bow and stern thruster services you need. They are certified to service, repair, and install bow and stern thrusters of all boats- regardless of size.

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Signs It’s Time to Schedule Yacht Thruster Repairs

An experienced captain can recognize the initial drop in performance signaling it’s time for a bow and stern thruster service. Your yacht may suddenly feel more sluggish when navigating tight corners like those in most South Florida marinas. Turning your yacht will become more difficult as bow and stern thrusters take slower to respond – a phenomenon sometimes called dull turning.

As the power of the thrusters decreases even further, it will take longer response times after engaging thrusters before feeling any movement. If left unchecked, your thrusters may become damaged and no longer respond when engaged.

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Service Yacht Thrusters to Identify Problems

  • Once you or your captain identifies decreased maneuverability and thruster response times, let Yacht Management South Florida investigate the problem. Our expert team of certified yacht maintenance technicians can haul out your vessel and service its bow and stern thrusters.

    Since many thrusters are placed in hard-to-reach tunnels and other hollow spaces, sea vegetation and debris can get stuck. This can sometimes be the reason for your thrusters reduced performance and can be quickly solved with a boat bottom cleaning.

    If there is another more severe problem, our team can perform any necessary yacht thruster repairs. Yacht Management has an authorized bow and stern thruster service center at our South Florida marina. Our yacht technicians repair both electric and hydraulic thrusters as well as perform retrofits and installations.

Expert Bow and Stern Thruster Installation

Thrusters come in multiple options – electric or hydraulic, internal or external, single or dual propeller.  When choosing one, you will have to choose the one that’s right for your vessel.

To get the most out of a new thruster installation, select units that have the power to meet your performance requirements and accommodate the specific characteristics of your yacht


Did you know?

Your Yacht’s Maneuverability Depends on Its Bow and Stern Thrusters

Good thrusters are good crewmen. Going through narrow waterways, navigating marinas, and close-quarters docking are all only possible because of your yacht’s bow and stern thrusters.

With the right thrusters, even the largest mega yachts can maneuver into tight dock spaces. To sustain this high level of maneuverability, bow and stern thrusters must be properly maintained to ensure consistently high performance.

Even with a highly skilled captain, if thrusters are underperforming, navigating your yacht will become increasingly difficult. Without regular servicing, repairs, and, when needed, new installations, bow, and stern thrusters can stop functioning altogether leading to safety concerns down the line.


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