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Question Answer

Usually Asked Question From Our Clients

Verbal estimates are free for those simply interested in a ballpark cost of repair.

We only provide written estimates for active work orders. A boat must be brought to our facility for damage inspection and left for repair, at which time we write an estimate and begin a work order. We do not provide written estimates for jobs that are not at our facility for hands-on inspection and repair.

You can email pictures for an estimator to review, and a ballpark price range may also be provided if enough information is received. You can also stop by our office with your boat or pictures of your boat, but it is recommended that you call ahead or make an appointment for a quick 5-10 minute meeting to ensure an estimator is present to discuss pricing and options.

Please note***
Quotes by picture or descriptions of damage are not considered accurate and we cannot stand behind any price quotes or price ranges that are provided by email or phone. As in every repair service industry, damage must be evaluated in person for an estimate to be accurate.

If boat damage is structural in nature, you will want to get that repaired right away, even if it is in the middle of the summer boating season. We prioritize structural damaged boats and can get you immediately scheduled to be hauled out of the water for prompt repair service (if necessary), and we work daily until the repairs are complete and the boat is back in the water for your enjoyment ASAP. For cosmetic repair services, if damage is not affecting the use of the boat, we usually suggest that you enjoy the summer boating and bring it in for repairs when you’re done for the season.

It all depends on (1) the extent of damage, (2) if it is an insurance claim, (3) if the boat is at our location or at a marina, and (4) our current workload. Typical waverunner (jet ski/personal watercraft) damage is repaired within one week. Boats trailered to our Crestwood Illinois repair facility are also typically repaired within 1-2 weeks for “average” amounts of damage repair. Mobile repairs are typically dictated by weather conditions, air temperature, and marina or ship yard schedules. An insurance claim will usually delay the repair process due to the standard time-frame of insurance company review and estimate approval. During the peak season (April-July), it is not uncommon for us to be booked for 4-6 weeks or more.

No. It is not environmentally acceptable and we are not insured to repair in residential areas.


We can manufacture, fabricate or custom design any fiberglass component you can imagine.

Yes, and we may be one of the only facilities in the Chicago area that does! It’s a special skill to repair aluminum boats, and riveted and welded hull boats require different repair techniques that our team of technicians have mastered.

We sure do! Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Please note, we charge a 2.9% credit card convenience fee on any amount paid by credit card.

We get this question a lot and we always reply with the question: why would you like to re-gelcoat or re-paint your boat? Is the finish chalky or faded? Or do you not like the existing color scheme and want to change the colors? Depending on your answer, we always recommend refurbishing/restoring the existing finish of the boat, if it is possible. Otherwise, our simple answer on cost to re-gelcoat/paint a boat is that it’s expensive, no matter what size boat you have. Gelcoat is more expensive than paint, but both processes are thousands-of-dollars expensive. We really do have to see your boat (by pictures or preferably in person) to give you an idea of cost.

Also, we do not do quick spray-paint or roll-paint jobs – even if we are asked. If you’re looking for a cheap paint job, you’ll get cheap results, and we don’t do cheap results. Our reputation is and always will be that we provide the highest quality boat repair services with quality results. LandCraft’s refinishing services are high quality and detailed. We take pride in our work and our reputation depends on the quality of our work. Quality does, however, come at a cost.

It depends on many factors and “restoration” is also a very subjective term. What is the age, make and model of the boat? What do you want to accomplish in a boat restoration? Some people only want a cockpit remodel where the carpeting is replaced and all cockpit seating is re-upholstered. Some people want to restore the existing gelcoat finish or re-paint or gelcoat their boat in its original colors. Other people want to completely change the color of the boat and all upholstery, and they want to add a sound system, wakeboard tower, lighting and other specialty accessories. Some boats need new windshields, which may either need to be retrofitted or custom built, some clients want all original parts and accessories which take time and cost to source out, some clients want their boat trailer refinished to match. Custom fabrication is also sometimes needed in a restoration. As you can see, restoration has a subjective meaning to many different people. One thing we can say though, anything you dream we can build. Depending on the amount of areas requiring restoration and any customer add-on requests, a restoration can come close to or even exceed the cost of a new boat in the same manufacturer lineup of new or comparable boats.

An important side note***
We will not restore or remodel any boat until it is in proper and good running condition. The mechanical aspect of the boat is most important, and you want the engine to be in good shape for many years, to keep up with the boat design and future restoration. Furthermore, if your boat requires structural repairs, or transom, stringer, flooring or other repairs, then the cost of the job will also be higher. We will decline any boat that we deem unfit for a restoration, unless there is a unique sentimental value or desire by the customer. We are an ethical company that understands the trust that clients have in our abilities, expertise and knowledge – because of this we take each restoration job inquiry/request very seriously and utilize money where it would best suit the client’s goals and budget.

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